Quodoushka inspires you to shine your light and say YES to your aliveness.

Spiritual Sexuality shifts your paradigm around sex, sexuality and sexual energy. It raises your experience to a much more expanded fulfilling level beyond tension release and seeks to integrate all aspects of you as a sacred human being – physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.


The Chuluaqui Quodoushka programs are an education in spiritual sexuality designed to expand your awareness and enhance your expression of your natural, spiritual, sexual, healthy vibrant self.

All Quodoushka programs create a sanctuary for exploration and learning through knowledge and pleasure. Q is designed for you to —

  • refine your presence
  • enhance your self-worth and self-deservement
  • enjoy more intimacy and honesty in all your relationships
  • experience new resources to empower Self, Life, and others
  • transform old beliefs to experience your full potential
  • unleash your spontaneity and the joy of your aliveness

— as you explore the power of your sexual catalyst energy, in a safe, ceremonial alchemical container honoring Sacred Law.

By bringing the best of who you already are, combined with a readiness to learn, explore, and discover more, you will enrich your experience of human being.

There are currently four levels of Quodoushka programs, with each building on the experience and knowledge of the previous level

Where do I begin?

Quodoushka I • for singles and couples

Quodoushka 1 is all about you!

Q1 explores how your sexual energy is your aliveness — the energy of life expressed through you. You will learn about the energy laws that govern everything, grounded in the shamanic wisdom that honors all things are born of the Feminine, sparked by the Masculine. This is the original design of creation that we each embody as our highest possibility.  Q1 is profoundly practical and empowering.

Q1 is the doorway into a new understanding of your sexual energy.
The intent of the teachings at this level include —

  • awakening your natural self
  • deepening your connection to your beauty
  • experiencing a healthy joyful expression of your sexuality

Q1 is a three and a half day experience (typically Thursday evening through Sunday evening). By attending the Q1 (on your own, or with a partner) you can:

  • transform your attitude and relationship to pleasure
  • enjoy new ways of understanding your body, desire, and energy
  • release guilt, shame, repression from the past
  • enhance your communication skills
  • increase your health and vibrancy

Experience how to apply the power of your sex energy in daily life for a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Q1 provides you with an opportunity to enhance your sexual well-being no matter your sexual preference or relationship choice.

Q1 explores how your sexual energy is your aliveness — the energy of life expressed through you. You will learn about the energy laws that govern everything, grounded in the shamanic wisdom that honors all things are born of the Feminine, sparked by the Masculine.


Where do the teachings lead from there?

Quodoushka 2 • for singles and couples

Quodoushka 2 is all about mutual benefit and welfare. 

Q2 fosters strong and healthy relationships through enhanced communication, appreciation, and enjoyment of self, life, and others. This is your introduction to how you gain through unconditional giving.  Q2 is all about —

  • the instinctual differences between the masculine and feminine
  • the differences of desires and experiences men and women have
  • the tools of awareness to honor and respect these differences

— so you can appreciate and enjoy each other from a new place of being.
You will learn how to:

  • increase your ability to feel more
  • transform co-dependency into co-empowerment
  • open to receive more pleasure and give more as a lover
  • enhance communication in relationships
  • create healthy agreements in all relationships

— as you explore your spiritual sexual edges – satisfying your soul’s desire to live fully.

Learn what contracts are essential with yourself first, and then with your partner to create a foundation to support self-growth, transformation, healing and true merging in ecstatic open-hearted pleasure.

In various guided exercises you will —

  • awaken and extend the range of your senses
  • engage in sensual intimacy with presence
  • practice honest heart to heart communication
  • opens the door to more intense states of orgasmic pleasure

Q1 is a prerequisite for Q2.

Quodoushka 3 • for couples

Q3 is about being a healthy, mature adult, creating a sexual magical relationship. 

The focus of Q3 is transcending sexual limitations in intimate exercises and ceremony with your partner. You will start healing the places where you have old wounding, take back your power and reclaim your individual naturalness. It is an introduction to the art of creating magic with your sexual energy. Q3 teaches you how to —

  • use your sexual life force energy to heal yourself
  • be a healthy, sexual, mature adult
  • to transcend sexual limitations
  • to enjoy the Unknown

You will experience how the gift of your sexuality is your most powerful resource for full self-expression, health, hope, happiness, harmony, and humour.

Q2 is a prerequisite for Q3.

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